Inspiring November 2018 seminar

The second seminar of 2018 of the Technologie Kring about ‘The paper-/board machine and paper-/board products’ last week, with a clear international character, was a great success again! About 80-90 participants made this possible. There were a lot of qualitative good masterclasses, an interesting in-depth workshop, a small technology market and not to forget; a perfect ambiance to exchange experiences one on one. Ron Sportel of Neenah Coldenhove was the chairman on day 1 and accomplished this task with complete dedication. There were various contributions from youngsters as engineer and entrepreneur. Harm Bouma was rewarded for his commitment to the Technologie Kring and his input into the sector with an honorary membership. He received a certificate. The Technologie Kring award was won this time by Sander van Calker.

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