Safe the date; online edition Technologie Kring January 20th!

In these uncertain times when we’re all experiencing the impact of COVID-19, we decided to cancel the physical November edition. Instead we offered an online alternative on November 18th. This setup was very positively appreciated. It was a shorter version, with a focus on the community as well as space for a few expert sessions. We would like to offer such a session again on Wednesday the 20th of January.


Online edition seminar November 18th, 2020

Unfortunately we’re forced to cancel the physical seminar in November due to Covid -19. Below you’ll find more details about the digital alternative (in Dutch).

After extensive consultation, we had to decide to have the November 2020 edition of the Technology Kring take place digitally. It probably needs no explanation that Corona is the basis for this. Contact and exchange are key at the TK. That’s why, as long as the current situation requires this of us, we would like to be in contact with each other for a little less time, but more often. This is to keep our community of technologists/papermakers and suppliers alive online, until the moment we can meet each other “live” again.

We’ll do this by offering several consecutive sessions the opportunity to hear from each other how things are going personally and in terms of work, how we do everything we can to continue our work and to carry it out as safely as possible, where we bump into things etc. In this way we want to ‘hold’ each other in this difficult period and offer the support that’s available where necessary and possible.

In addition, we also want to give the floor to interesting speakers and provide opportunities for discussion and asking questions. We’re aware that online contact cannot match the contact that we’re used to have during the seminars, but as long as the situation demands it of us, this is where we have to deal with.

In short: this time a shorter version, with attention for the community as well as space for expert sessions. In the coming months, we aim to offer more sessions like this, all in consultation with you during the November 18th session.




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