Networking in a rural environment!

The attendance of the June 2023 seminar of the Technologie Kring was high with almost 80 participants! ‘The 24 hours of Apeldoorn’ brought the paper technologists community together, where exchange and sharing of knowledge, experiences and the newest innovations in the field of ‘raw materials and stock preparation’ where key. Many urgent topics were discussed. Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to co-organizer Jan Pille of the Royal VNP. We would like to thank him for all his efforts. Soon he’ll enjoy his well-deserved retirement. We would like to congratulate Ad de Brouwer of ABB Automation and Fred Andriessen of Cosun Beet Company! They won the Technologie Kring Award June 2023. Ad gave us a good example of new viscosity measurements in coatings with clear explanations and a follow-up in June 2024! Fred has realized and marketed sugar beet paper in collaboration with Crown van Gelder, sugar packaging Van Gilse, for sale in almost all supermarkets! A beautifully realized chain project: Dutch innovation! There was a good and informal atmosphere in the learning community of paper technology. Networking and enjoying dinner and a drink in a rural setting afterwards, was very much appreciated by the participants! We would like to invite you already for our November seminar (22nd and 23rd of November 2023)!

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