Seminar June 2019 was very international with good discussions!

‘The 24 hours of Apeldoorn’ brings the paper technologists community together, where exchange and sharing of knowledge, experiences and the newest innovations for raw material and stock preparation where key. The community was improved by several new technologists, as well as young talent. We had speakers from the Netherlands, Great Britain, France, Finland, Italy, Austria, Belgium and Germany, so indeed an international seminar! There were contributions in the technology innovative masterclasses, workshops, discussions and the small technology market in a first class atmosphere made the seminar complete. There was an informal program during the BBQ for networking and social innovation in the evening. Walter Hulshof MD of Industriewater Eerbeek BV and Alfons Koelen Innovation Manager of DS Smith Paper de Hoop won the Technologiekring award June 2019. The evaluation by the participants was good and we’ll invite you for the November seminar (November 20th, 21st) where the topics are related to the paper and board machine, as well as the paper product.

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