High attendance November seminar!!

‘The 24 hours of Apeldoorn’ brings the paper technologists community together, where exchange and sharing of knowledge, experiences and the newest innovations for the paper-/board machine and paper-/board products where key. We had speakers from several countries, so indeed an international seminar. The attendance was huge with over 90 participants and the atmosphere was very good. The interaction and discussions were interesting and open, this also became clear during the workshop. In addition the fiberglass boys from Owens Corning created a nice crossover, which shows that we can learn a lot from each other. The technology innovative masterclasses, workshops, discussions and the small technology market in a first class atmosphere made the seminar complete. There was an informal program during dinner for networking and social innovation in the evening. Pieter Steenbeek of Servophill and Hugo Geerdinck of Neenah Coldenhove won the Technologiekring award November 2019. Pieter Steenbeek because of his innovative contribution and Hugo Geerdinck because of his active contribution during the seminar. The evaluation by the participants was very positive. We would like to invite you already for our 2020 seminars and hope to meet you there again. We’ll send you the dates as soon as possible. On behalf of the organisation we wish you already a merry Christmas and an inspiring 2020!!

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